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I've always been the kind of woman that had a lot of friends – both male and female, so it should come as no surprise when I befriended My hair dresser. Mike was a cutie for sure. All the girls in the salon always commented on how nice he smelled, how his hair was always perfect, but I saw underneath all of that perfectly coiffed attire.

One day after he dyed My long chestnut hair to perfection, I invited him to lunch. He was nervous I think, kept stuttering and blushing. Of course I was a little harsh on him with My questions. It started out innocently enough until I just couldn't help but ask him those dirty dark secrets. See I had caught him a time or two looking at My bra straps or asking Me where I'd gotten My shoes. I knew then just as I know now he was going to make Me a perfect little sissy toy.

It wasn't too long after lunch that I took him shopping. Lavender panties and a matching bra, hair extensions, pretty pale pink nail polish. Going back to My condo he was reluctant at first, but I pushed and pushed. Before long I had My own “little dolly” prancing around the house. Sadly he moved away for another job, but I'll never forget making him into My perfect little whore.

I'm looking for a new toy. Care to explore with Me? I love forced sissies, forced bi, fetishes of all kinds but most of all I love turning little sissy sluts like you in My own personal fucktoy that I can violate and abuse whenever My whims take Me there.

Now be a good girl and call Me.



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