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Hi little sluts, My name is Morgan, but I am better known as Mistress Morgan. You have come to the right place to experience the most erotic Domination Phone Sex with a sexy chick with a dick. Have you ever been with a trans woman? We are sexy women that have the best of both worlds.

Open your mouth and allow me to guide Myself into you. I want to turn you into My little cock-sucking faggot. Does the fact that a sexy tranny having a bigger cock than you intimidate you? Or does it just make you that much harder? Knowing that I will have you begging for My hot load. I have a huge ass fetish, if you didn't know. I would love to bend you over and rim that sexy asshole of yours.

I want to get you ready for this throbbing clit stick. I want to violate your ass then make the best out of Humiliation Phone Sex. I will have you on your hands and knees. I want you to suck that stinky ass juice off of My cock and I want you to feel privileged that I am allowing you to clean the juices off of My rock hard shaft. I am a very sensual domme that can make your first time very sensual and pleasing. All you have to do is call.

You will have to learn what it takes to be a good sissy. You will have to be schooled and I am the perfect Mistress for that. We have a lot to go over, if this is your first time calling a Mistress or a Tranny Mistress then you have a lot to learn. We will be having lessons in how to dress like the perfect little slut, how to apply makeup, how to learn to take my clit stick up that tight ass pussy of yours. Mistress Morgan may or may not be gentle with you, all depends on My mood. I need a good little sissy slut that will obey orders, do their homework assignments they are given and one that shows me they are willing to do anything their Mistress tells them. If you think you are worthy enough for me, then get naked on your knees and call me up My new pet.





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